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Operations Director

David’s career has spanned over 27 years within the Aviation sector, where he was previously employed by one of the largest Maintenance Repair & Overhaul companies in Europe, in which he took responsibility for all aspects of Commercial Aircraft Interiors.


Throughout his career, David has gained a first-class reputation for getting the best out of his teams which has proved invaluable in hitting client targets and objectives. David is a true leader in terms of staff management which has enabled him to successfully oversee a team of up to 50 employees and contractors, covering both Heavy and Line Maintenance functions. David takes pride in service excellence and exceeding tight deadlines during minor and major scale projects.



Technical Director

Eamonn’s aviation career has covered more than 30 years within the Aviation sector. After serving an apprenticeship with British Caledonian Airways, before they were acquired by British Airways, Eamonn then transferred to one of Europe’s largest Maintenance Repair and Overhaul companies where he was involved in heavy maintenance, which included major and minor modifications, service bulletins on both Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Eamonn has led teams on highly skilled technical projects, covering minor and major modification work primarily in the UK and has built a reputation for establishing high standards in terms of procedures, systems, and guidelines, which has resulted in successful project completion within agreed budgets.

Eamonn's experience provides a wealth of Aerospace Maintenance knowledge and an in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements.



Quality Assurance Manager

Laurie is responsible for developing, directing and coordinating the Prime Aero Quality Control program by setting and managing work processes and initiatives that ensure Prime Aero operates to the highest standards.


Having completed ISO 9001 accreditation via the BSI Group, Laurie is responsible for all quality processes/audits for Prime Aero. As part of Prime Aero’s service offering, certain clients request specific reporting. Laurie is involved in the data extraction to ensure that clients obtain all the relevant recruitment data, which is provided in a timely manner.




With over 18 years’ experience and expertise in accountancy, Gio provides a strong, competent and all-encompassing service to Prime Aero Ltd for all our accountancy needs through Robert Lewis Accountants of whom he is a director.

With many years working alongside Prime Aero Limited’s directors and overseeing the accountancy for David Welsh’s other companies including Aerofloor Limited, Gio is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding for our companies requirements.

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